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From Glo-Ball-ization to Lo-Cal-ization

agenda-bending conspiracies within the global community

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This paper explores some ways in which the global strategic agenda is being bent by what may be usefully labelled as conspiracies against open and transparent dialogue. Whilst the intentions of those engaged in this process may be beyond reproach, the effect on democratic processes may be usefully questioned.

The basic argument here is that the ways in which 'globalization' is being enthusiastically defined by various conspiracies effectively depends on a form of conceptual displacement or distraction towards what might be termed the 'glo-ball' -- a glittering, mediatized, trendy creation that is the focus of media attention. This functions rather like a child's rattle -- or that of a rattle-snake -- in deliberately pulling attention away from other processes and phenomena. It is this distraction which allows the unpleasant reality of the underprivileged to be marginalized in their various 'lo-cal environments' -- a dietary marketing term appropriately associated with the low-calorie conditions of malnourishment to which people are condemned by glo-ball-ization.


The media is full of references to 'globalization'. Many trend setters, academic and otherwise, contribute to descriptions of the inevitability of this process.

Agenda-bending conspiracies

As experienced -- Atkin
  1. Language conspiracy
  2. Media conspiracy / * image patents
  3. Telecommunications / Internet conspiracy
  4. Religious conspiracy /* Jewish, Satantist, fundamentalist, Christian coalition
  5. New Age conspiracy
  6. Secret society conspiracy /* Secret society, Opus Dei, inflitration
  7. Elite conspiracy /* WAAS, Club of Rome
  8. Political conspiracy
  9. Intelligence agency conspiracy / espionage / surveillance
  10. Organized crime conspiracy
  11. Multinational conspiracy
  12. Financial conspiracy
  13. Gender conspiracy:
  14. Sexual conspiracy
  15. Activist conspiracy
  16. Academic conspiracy
  17. Patenting conspiracy

Vehicles of action

Front organizations / projects: foundations,



Political parties



Modes of action

Selective maniuplation of comprehensive / representative:

Manipulation of discourse: dys-course

Same techniques as during the Cold War -- but 'not cold War'

Funder-driven categorization

Fuzzy values

Sloppy articulation of motherhood ideas

Global Heart Foundation

Fuzzy glow environments

Touching the heart: Motherhood

PRT glow

Up-beat presentations



Fellow travellers

Glo-ball travellers



Politics of classification and categorization: Motherhood fuzz

Strange attractors allowing for multople definition -- attracting and elusing the definitional process

Feeding the whole public dsicourse back into a new process (Media)

'Trendy concepts'

Selective categorization


Anti-development bias

114 Ways

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