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5 May 2009 | Uncompleted

Global Implication of Historical Explication

Emergent potential of existential dimensions

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The following set of explications are readily to be seen as unordered and unrelated. The question is whether, and how, together they imply a strange form of order and constitute a strange attractor.

Is there indeed an intriguing pattern of connectivity to them? Are there "correspondences" between them that sustain an emergent pattern of significance of higher or subtler order -- with which one can identify, as an expression of identity? The challenge of correspondences for both sciences and symbolism has been explored elsewhere (Theories of Correspondences -- and potential equivalences between them in correlative thinking, 2007).

Comprehensible order

A checklist is supposedly comprehensible and may form a set that is understood as reasonably integrated. The challenge is when that set and its integration are a reflection of "in-the-box" thinking. Then the very comprehensibility of the set is an indication of its limitation, perhaps because it implies no need for learning. It is a finished edifice which may endure as such into the future.

A degree of challenge is implied when the set is a set of metaphors, variously associated and intertwined, evoking reflection and speculation as to what they might imply. Comprehension is not then a matter of premature closure but of engagement in a learning process with a destination that is not "known" (within the box). Especially intriguing is the situation when there is a degree of elusive complementarity between the elements of the set. The set is then more engaging than a conventionally integrated grid of elements -- of the kind that typically encourages a mode of "bean counter" thinking as reflected in many forms of planning and structure, facilitated by the logic of spreadsheet applications.

As clues, cues or reminders of a variety of modes of thinking, the elements of the set then function like mental "notes" or "keys" -- with any tabular presentation as a "keyboard". This is especially true in the musical metaphor of both a melody in process and notes that may be played -- pwerhaps in a particular key. This evokes the possibility of the interplay of qualitatively complementary metaphors -- enabling transposition of key and potentially eliciting unsuspected cognitive overtones.

Is the challenge of the comprehension of any such "pattern" variously implied by each of the elements of the pattern? A kind of puzzle -- a koan -- with each element of the pattern partially and dynamically embodying and reflecting the other elements? As with Indra's Net, each part is a statement about the whole, a fractal. Each borrows metaphorically from the other. Indra's Net is the inspiration for a mathematical exploration (David Mumford, Caroline Series and David Wright, Indra's Pearls: the vision of Felix Klein, Cambridge University Press, 2002).

Concern might be raised by the focus of each member of the set, or the number of such elements as previously explored (Representation, Comprehension and Communication of Sets: the Role of Number, 1978; Designing metaphors and sets of metaphors, 1995). However of primary importance is the psychoactive engagement one has with each, however framed (Topology of Valuing: psychodynamics of collective engagement with polyhedral value configurations, 2008).

It is the richness of the associations which each evokes that engenders and sustains value. In that sense the set is highly personalized as a vehicle for identity -- as with the choice of objects to decorate a room, a garden or an altar (Metaphors as Transdisciplinary Vehicles of the Future, 1991; Knowledge Gardening through Music: patterns of coherence for future African management as an alternative to Project Logic, 2000). It is a pattern of evocations. In this sense the set below is merely an indication of method and of requisite variety -- recognizing that more complex sets are of course a possibility (Hyperspace Clues to the Psychology of the Pattern that Connects, 2003; 9-fold Higher Order Patterning of Tao Te Ching Insights: possibilities in the mathematics of magic squares, cubes and hypercubes, 2003).

Methodological preamble

An interest feature of designing such a set -- as with a musical instrument -- are the decisions made, or attempted, to impose a degree of association. To what degree are associations to be fitted, or forced, into a pattern, as opposed to evoking that pattern and their relationships aesthetically?

*** richer polarization paper

In the exercise below the (arbitrary) design choice is towards an 8-fold pattern. This is not too complex and not too simple -- nor does it preclude simpler or more complex articulations. It offers resonances with other potentially significant 8-fold sets as noted below.

Understood as a circlet of significant symbols, such patterns have been the subject of earlier comment (Engaging with Globality through Cognitive Circlets, 2009; Designing Cultural Rosaries and Meaning Malas to Sustain Associations within the Pattern that Connects, 2000).

However, in what follows, any "resonances" with such patterns may simply be for mnemonic purposes. On the other hand, as in the art of memory, the elements of the pattern may be "endowed" with significance as in many traditional practices (Frances Yates, The Art of Memory, 1966).

As an exercise however, attributions and correspondences are made here tentatively, as an indication of method, with a view to later improvement. Such attributions are not intended to constitute closure -- which may always be necessarily premature. As with tuning an instrument, the process may be a "never ending story" in which any effort at "de-scription" or "de-sign" implies challenges of reflexivity. In particular any such attribution is appropriately qualified by the vedic injunction Neti Neti (Not this, Not that) and the arguments for "unsaying" or apophasis (Being What You Want: problematic kataphatic identity vs. potential of apophatic identity? 2008).

This approach is given contemporary relevance by the cognitively liberating political philosophy of the American neocons -- as described to Ron Suskind (Without a Doubt, The New York Times, In The Magazine, 17 October 2004):

The aide said that guys like me were "in what we call the reality-based community," which he defined as people who "believe that solutions emerge from your judicious study of discernible reality." I nodded and murmured something about enlightenment principles and empiricism. He cut me off. "That's not the way the world really works anymore," he continued. "We're an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you're studying that reality -- judiciously, as you will -- we'll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that's how things will sort out. We're history's actors . . . and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do." [emphasis added]

The implications of this framework have been discussed in relation to a Declaration of Universal Independence (2009).

In addition to any associations to the interplay of notes and chords in music, the approach here necessarily involves a degree of play (Engaging with Globality through Playful Re-categorizing, 2009; Humour and Play-Fullness: essential integrative processes in governance, religion and transdisciplinarity, 2005).

Strategic lemma

mono -- rocket

Strategic dilemmas

Distinguishing Levels of Declarations of Principles (1980)

Rather than opting for a binary choice, deciding between
Doing something Not doing something
Growth No growth
Agreement Disagreement
Being positive Being negative
Support Opposition
New initiatives, including this one, are formulated by taking and establishing a particular position in opposition to whatever is conceived as potentially denying it. The nature of the initiative is partly determined by the way in which the challenge or initial absence of any opposing position is perceived and the possible nature of the response. It is the immediacy with which the challenge is perceived that empowers the initiative. The taking of a position as a result of a new initiative engenders or activates a formulation which is its denial. Every formulation is therefore necessarily matched by an initiative which is incompatible with it, or opposed to it, or takes an essentially different direction from it. This opposition is fundamentally unmediated and as such cannot be observed or described. It can only be comprehended through identification with one of the opposed positions.

value polarities (demonisation and self-evangelisation):

Such a presentation calls for a particular kind of caution. It is readily assumed that explication constitutes clarification rather than distortion or falsification. It offers categories organized and juxtaposed in boxes -- the epitome of order. This tends to evoke an instrumental consideration implying the capacity to manipulate the categories like lego blocks -- although the availability of a musical instrument does not a composer or player make. The experiential processes associated with such, effectively frozen, categories is readily forgotten -- as is the manner in which they constitute modes of engagement. Perhaps more problematic is consideration of this difficulty (as here) in lengthy textual comment, "in extenso", when the experience has far greater focus and meaning in the moment, "in intenso". Implication is obscured by explication.

Two complementary approaches may be taken to this challenge:

However in the initial choice made with regard to the attribution of the two codes to denote the distinctions, there is a further caution arising from two considerations:

The abitrary choice is not "innocent" of implications in that "broken" and "unbroken" lines have connotations that may be exploited metaphorically, notably evident in:

For this reason, as a reminder of this underlying decision, a second row is used (above) in which the attribution is reversed. It is healthy to be able to alternate between these two perspectives, each of which may be a trap if accepted without reflection (pun not intended).

As an illustration of its importance, the author had the experience of discovering that valuable computer archives, saved daily over many months, were unreadable when required to recover from an emergency. It was Sallantin's insight which enabled recognition that a new hardware device had erroneously reversed the attribution of bits. The data had been saved as a negative or mirror image -- which could be reversed back.

strategc dilemmas

reading between the lines

Strategic quadrilemmas (tetralemmas)

There is the alternative possibility of a four-fold choice, deciding between
Doing something BOTH Doing something
AND Not doing something
NEITHER Doing something
NOR Not doing something
Not doing something
Growth BOTH Growth
AND No growth
NOR No growth
No growth
Agreement BOTH Agreement
AND Disagreement
NEITHER Agreement
NOR Disagreement
Being positive BOTH Being positive
AND Being negative
NEITHER Being positive
NOR Being negative
Being negative
Support BOTH Support
AND Opposition
NOR Oppositon
In a set of forms, one form acquires a dominant status at any one time. As such it establishes the formal pattern of relationships between other forms by observing and distinguishing their elements, and interpreting their significance. Any infringement of this monopoly of power is met by a conscious reaction on the part of those associated with it who strive for position within the framework it supplies. In a set of forms, one or more forms acquire a recessive or sub-dominant status at any one time. As such they are characterized by both minimal inherent organization and high inertial resistance to transformation. Any attempt to change those associated with such forms is met by unconscious reaction. In a set containing a dominant and a dominated form, the pattern of relationships governed by the dominant form proves progressively more inadequate as a framework for handling the accumulation of new information and experience. Inconsistencies, contradictions and incompleteness gradually accumulate and become increasingly apparent as conditions change. The dominant form alone does not contain the variety to encompass and control thecomplex conditions to which it is exposed. The value of the recessive or inferior form becomes correspondingly apparent by contrast. The unconscious or impulsive actions of those associated with both forms serve merely to aggravate the condition and to highlight the absence of a form providing any adequate sense of direction or functional orientation for the whole. In a set containing a dominant and an inferior form, and characterized by contradictions, adequate control is usually maintained through the momentum of working processes governed by the dominant form. Any deviation is corrected by a conscious integrative action on the part of those associated with that form. As the contradictions cease to be held in restraint in this way, the source of control is effectively transferred from the dominant form to the inferior form which thus emerges to take its place. To the extent that this transfer of control is resisted, the change is likely to be violent rather than smooth.

quadrilemma (Rumsfeld, Clintonn -- I did not...)

Strategic octalemmas

Or there is the possibility of an eight-fold choice, deciding between
Doing something BOTH Doing something
AND Not doing something
xx xx NEITHER Doing something
NOR Not doing something
Not doing something
Growth BOTH Growth
AND No growth
. . . . NEITHER Growth
NOR No growth
No growth
Agreement BOTH Agreement
AND Disagreement
. . . . NEITHER Agreement
NOR Disagreement
Being positive BOTH Being positive
AND Being negative
. . . . NEITHER Being positive
NOR Being negative
Being negative
Support BOTH Support
AND Opposition
. . . NEITHER Support
NOR Oppositon
In assessing any apparent need for change, care is required to avoid mistaken formulations of the environmental condition. These can lead, for example, to an impetuous response or action for action's sake, from the consequences of which recovery may be difficult. In formulating and planning any change initiative, care is required in selecting the point and manner of intervention. The constraints rarely offer the desired freedom of action and may easily be used as a focus for distracting dissatisfaction. In formulating the nature of the change initiative, care is required in adapting any representation of it to avoid the temporary benefits of pleasing whoever is identified with the current condition or failing to acknowledge the difficulties to be encountered in changing it. These difficulties include weaknesses in those associated with the change initiative itself. In implementing a change initiative as formulated, care is required that the initiative is not itself distorted by close association with the adverse conditions to which it responds or weakened by avoiding unpleasant decisions which have to be made to maintain the integrity of the response. In sustaining a change initiative as formulated, care is required in ensuring its equilibrium with the intensification and expansion of activity due to confidence from successful experience with any adverse conditions encountered and with the distractions of contentment with positive achievements. Once a change initiative has achieved its maximum deployment, care is required in responding to the limitations on any further development. The original direction of effort may well be deflected in the pursuit of further success, especially in response to any accumulation of negative assessments. Once the essential task of a change initiative is approaching completion, care is required in deciding on the termination of activities as originally intended. It may seem natural to continue the activities or to institutionalize them. Positive encouragement to do so may be received from all concerned. Succumbing to these pressures creates the risk of entrapment by a pattern of activity which it may then prove difficult to terminate at any time. After a change initiative has been terminated, care is required in evaluating the activities and the achievements in the light of the original intent in order to avoid subsequent dependence on them.


8-fold way -- particle theory


beatitudes -- spiritual eercises -- Jesuit

medicine wheel -- magic -- natural magic -- Ficino


shamanic -- -- Marcus


8+5=13; 8+4+1 = 13

diet -- too much, too little

Meditation >> trigrams, Ba Gua

presentation of information and argument -- evoke action?

factors (tables of models -- cells -- limbs -- articulation; frets):

uncertainty -- overdefinition -- meaning evaporates

art is in reducing to 2? -- non-decision-making / aikido

learning to play/compose an instrument -- fret

home-making, gardening

Premature closure / catalytic

mnemonic compression (and constraints)

use code as a guide -- but not to be unduly relied upon

rely -- dont rely

Pattern of implications

Pattern of aesthetic associations and resonances:

Biology of the cell:

Inner spaces / Multidimensionality:

Dynamic identities




Attention time / selection

Dancing relationship ( to surrounding reality)

Different kinds of knowledge (degrees of unfreezing)

Gateless Gate, works like a



Enwholing the Moment: Engaging with whom, how, for what?

could have been -- what?:

"perspective" on what one is doing


Padiomenhope / Game Players of Zan / Damanhur

nature of "holding" chi

Meme Combat -- Neti Neti (cognitive fusion design issue)
(Arthur Young tables?)
(prefixes for systemic approach)
functions making/engendering criteria for array interactants different things questions
catastrophe theory? (Thom) metaphoric outcomes
(time binding)
disciplines not but inferred one can collect/arrange, etc  
?Belbin intermediate outcome     cognitive entities  
"concepts"/distinctions "aerial" / radio aesthetic persuade/convince "marking" who
detecting/eliciting fusion reactor systems conquer insects why
collecting drama revelation seduce prisoners where
arranging/imposing artwork/aesthetic array operation inform/teach gardeners what
taxonomy games magic carpet sustainable awaiting authorization stamps which
rearranging to fit
(puzzling out)
vehicle integrity commemorating stars how
engaging garden/farm shelter authorize bird (spotting) when
embodying memorial   franchise/sell collections  
commemorating? energy   impress    
  dynasty   entertain    
  shelter   entrain    
  set of rules/procedures        

entrecroisement of the above table?


ignorance / closure:


Laws of Form -- distinctions

in quest of:

of relevance:

absolute zero

complex of:

Engaging with whom for what
do these not replicate and/or stand as metaphors for "wider" challenges
and the wider for the narrower
(related as resonance hybrid -- hexagram)

interface management opening/closing  
time management opening/closing  
category management (arrays, etc) opening/closing  
question management (Zen, etc) opening/closing  
nourishment management opening/closing  

methodology of progressing/complexifiying from:

Gaian challenge:

conference of the birds


assumptions on which global civilization is based (N constants):


effectively setting up a mnemonic framework

Previous exercises:

radical coherence

being the universe

psyclic identity

navigating alternative realities

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