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28 December 2001 | Uncompleted

Insight and its Acquisition

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Quantity: Available insights exceed the capacity to acquire them

Incoherence: Available insights are interrelated in apparently meaningless ways

Incomprehensibility: Available insight is not immediately understandable or relevant

Preferences: Available insight is rendered meaningful by unconscious preferences that exclude alternative insights


Access cost: Acquiring insight has a price that may render it inaccessible

Avoidance: Acquiring insight is unconsciously avoided to evade the behavioural changes it engenders

Learning time: Acquiring insight in any one domain may take an unacceptable amount of time

Dynamic: Acquiring insight repositions the acquirer in ways that create new challenges


Incommunicability: Acquired insight is incommunicable to others as an integrated whole and engenders countervailing initiatives from perspectives evoked as complementary to its partial understanding

Transparency: Acquired insight reinforces patterns of elitism, secrecy and collusion

Irrelevance: Acquired insight is irrelevant to fruitful action on immediate challenges -- as currently framed

Empowerment: Acquired insight is not necessarily associated with new skills for its effective use


Reframing: The focus on acquisition of insight inhibits the process of embodying it

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