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23rd March 2008 | Uncompleted

Enactivating a Global Metaphor Simulation

Learn from the Process while You Can

collective impotence in the face of imminent catastrophe

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Recognizing the Global Management Strategy of Gaia


pattern language of metaphors

meetings are simulations -- constantly rerun

"agri-culture" -- cultivating fields of knowledge

generic simulation problem about exchange of ideas / possibilities / potentia


taking it seriously vs as if

jig-saw puzzle of metaphors

reframe current "crisis" as a cognitive crisis of which the material version is but a mundane and consequential echo

pattern "re-cognition"

reconstitutuing the system that is intuitively undersood in a framented manner

vs global manipulation / United Fruit

fusion framing

Garden of Eden / Tree of Knowledge

phenomena / templates:


wine >>> cultivation ? wisdom

fruit / veg / animals


critical number of counter productive factors?


pass on message -- why -- what does that mean?

songlines -- wrap up

distinguishing postures of inappropriate response / impotence / stuckness / failure to learn

learning on the adaptive cycle

focus on:

manipulative implementation of processes

complexity preferences

"proposals" made without any consideration of their "conposals"

we are our own metaphor / self-reflexivity correspondence between:

riding the tiger -- take people thru the (catastrophic) transformation

what are the issues / options:

proximate solutions / problems

claiming ignorance or failure to understand


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