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18 June 2003 | Uncompleted

Expanding Knowledge Universe

re-emergence of tribal knowledge systems (as alternatives)

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warping geometry

lost knowledge

who needs persuade, be persuaded and why?

graceless persuaders vs seductive truths

fame / privacy -- recognition

Waiting for people to die off / only token investment in change, knowledge, progress

Fading fads and cookie cutter mentality

Arbitrary self-imposed constraints of other perspectives / disciplines (like no-e book, or Tai Chi, or vegetarianism)

Relativistic effects

Big Bang -- collapse

Gravitation attraction of "matter" -- significance -- mother, matrix

Providing coherence

Strange attractors

Galtungs Rules:

Competition for resources an fedding frenzies / lobbyists

Communication distance

Local self-emergent definition / identity within expanding global context

quantityt of information

co-existence of incommensruable in space-time

time to process

inclination to process

diffidence / indiffference / courtesy / tokensim regarding other perspectives

species passing in the dark -- commensalism -- Haskell - mirroring the environment


totalitatairan conceptual schemes

discrimination of "truth"

preferences: chinese or italian

cultural systems, Maruyama, periodic table?

handwashing of displinary responsibility

"fading fad" / cycles of prominenence and buy-ins / universe of cycles

"We the People" tribalism

conceptual closure / open vehicles

privileged perspectives -- pre-copernaican

conceptual curvature in gemometry of space-time (Atkin)

retrogression -- pre-Copernican / epicycles

the more knowledge space expands the more knowledge domains are reframed "regressively"

as in space, to commuication engenders occasional islands of intimacy separated by vast spaces of loneliness

each with different

Newton: action of matter vs reaction on spirit (not just matter <> matter)

isolated settlements and oases, cottage in the hills -- some where

changing relation to reality (economics <> emotions)

Lost Image of Man

decreasing mutual relevance

overselling -- innovation -- standard motherhood plugs (health / food)

speed of knowledgd production vs need for it within the reality of many (beyond the curiosity barrier) vs "human contact"


"You and I" paper / global conversation

Quality of knowing

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