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2002 | Uncompleted

Conceptual Ground Zero

Empowerment Declaration

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1. The basis for rational dialogue is that I am right. If you do not agree, then you are therefore necessarily wrong.

2. Failure to agree with me, may lead to any appropriate measures being taken against you.

3. If you want to maintain your position and succeed in your career, you should aboid presenting arguments questioning my position.

4. Funds may legitimately be allocated to encourage respectable researchers to substantiate my views and disparage any contrary views -- using any models and methodologies appropriate to this end.

5. The truth which I propose is justified by the extent to which it is effectively promulgated by media encouraged by me to appreciate their interest in communicating it.

6. Evidence in support of views contrary to mine should be discredited or suppressed.

7. Any evidence justifyuing my views, however circumstantial, should be presented an d acclaimed as a coherent pattern and should not be subject to challenge or critical investigation.

8. Failure to express solidarity with those who appreciate my views endangers the civilized community and should be sanctioned accordingly.

9. If, despite the above, my views continue to be challenged, then I may regretably be forced to use severe methods to safeguard the future of my way of life.

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