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Complementary Collections of Papers (1984)

Context of 5-fold set

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This comment applies to the following sets, detailed below, available in PDF format (and appears on the back-cover of each). The sets were represented as follows:

The 5 sets published in 1984 by the Union of International Associations are:

Papers in each are based on arguments developed in tbe others.

Most of the recent papers in each volume, and the integration achieved between themes, result from work within the framework of several subprojects of the Goals, Processes and Indicators of Development  project of the United Nations University (Tokyo) during the period 1978-1982. This project was originally coordinated by Professor Johan Galtung (Oslo) and later by Professor CarIos Mallmann (Bariloche). The Convenor of the project Publication Cammitee was Professor Herb Addo (Trinidad). Given the nature of this project, they cannot however be considered in any way responsible for the selection of papers included in the set of volames.

A number of the papers were originally published in the journal Transnational Associations of the Union of International Associations, 40 rue Washington, B-1050 Brussels, Belglum. Other volumes edited by the Union of Internation Associations inc1ude:

These are published by K. G. Saur Verlag, Postfach 711009, D-8000, Munchen 71, Federal Republic of Germany.

The last mentioned, the Yearbook of World Problems an1 Human Potential, is being revised in collaboration with the Unitd Nations University, especially in the light of documents from the above project.

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