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Laetus in Praesens

11 July 2010 | Draft

Conference-, Organization- and Publication-related Initiatives

of Anthony Judge (bio details separate)

Organizations and meetings are included only if there was some special involvement,
or if it elicited a written reflection before or after the event, or as a contribution.
Publications in periodicals, possibly independent of any institutional association, are also included here.
See also separate checklist of UIA-related Publication and Meeting Initiatives
Separate publication details, if any, are provided in the linked item.
[J=Journal/Periodical; U=Transnational Associations (UIA); P=Proceedings/Book;
C=Collection of author's papers; M=Also non-English versions]

Documents for years: 2020+ | 2010-19 | 2000-09 | 1990-99 | 1980-89 | 1970-79 | 1962-69 | ALL years
[NB: all papers, including those identified here, are listed and accessible from]

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