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UIA-related Publication and Meeting Initiatives

of Anthony Judge (bio details separate)

Page not currently maintained, but serves as one indication of topic clustering.
Clarification of the variety of formats and access possibilities for all documents is provided separately,
including indication of thematic organizations by topic/subject Separate publication details, if any, are provided in linked items.

See also non-UIA Conference-, Organization- and Publication-related Initiatives
[J=Journal/Periodical; U=Transnational Associations (UIA); P=Proceedings/Book;
C=Collection of author's papers; M=Also non-English versions]

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-- Periodical Publications --

Yearbook of International Organizations

International Congress Calendar (quarterly and/or monthly since 1960)

Transnational Associations (formerly International Associations) (ca. monthly since 1950-2005)

-- Occasional Publications --

Encyclopedia of World Problems and Human Potential (formerly Yearbook of World Problems and Human Potential in 1976; )

Who's Who in International Organizations (1,190 p.)

-- Associated and Derivative Publications --

Bibliography of Proceedings of International Meetings (under contract to the US National Science Foundation)

Directory of National Participation in International Organizations

Guides to International Organizations (Data extraction, Editor)

International Associations Statutes Series

World Guide to Religious and Spiritual Organizations

World Guide to Logotypes, Emblems and Trademarks of International Organizations

-- Meeting-related Initiatives --


Annual Meeting of Associate Members (representatives of the conference industry)


-- Other Documents and Reports --

[all papers, including those identified here as related to UIA, are listed and accessible from]

Collections of Selected Papers (1984)

Study Papers

Special studies included in reference books

Miscellaneous documents and reports

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