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10 March 2012 | Draft

Way Round Cognitive Ground Zero and Pointlessness?

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This overview serves as a table of contents interrelating a set of documents and their sub-sections.
It offers an alternative mode of access to the structure of Way Round Cognitive Ground Zero and Pointlessness? (2012),
which variously introduces them

Beyond cognitive despair?
Requisite childlike cognition for integration of "heaven"

Strategic identification of "The Way"
Cognitive implication in geometrical metaphors  in articulation of "The Way"
Experience of cognitive implication in fundamental geometry

Identity, possessive world-making and their transformation dynamics

Pattern language: openness vs. closure -- resonance vs. geometry

Metaphorical insights from the patterns of academic disciplines

Engaging with Everything: emergence of paradoxical forms of identity

Pointlessness, unboundedness and boundaries

Emerging significance of nothing: emergence of paradoxical forms of identity

Configuring the varieties of experiential nothingness

Embodying a Way Round Pointlessness?

Orbiting Round Nothingness across Communication Space



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