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Provides access to various documents produced by named associates/collaborators and scanned into PDF format (with digitisation where possible). An indication of the size of accessible PDF documents is given in megabytes (eg 5mb).

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  • The International School of Ignorance ? (Druidstone, Wales, 1993):
    • Visual Minutes by Tim Casswell (Reduced version of colour flipcharts of a 3-day session. Distributed by the Union of International Associations) (9mb)
  • The International School of Ignorance ? (Minton House, Scotland, 1994):
  • The International School of Ignorance ? (1996)
    • An ongoing experiment in online dialogue meeting design (PHP version 1)
    • An ongoing experiment in online dialogue meeting design (PHP version 2 )
  • Participant Interaction Messaging
  • Learning Locally to Apply Globally: A Report from the Inter-Sectoral Dialogue of the Global Forum at the Earth Summit in Rio 1992, prepared by Tim Casswell. Facilitated by Katherine Forsyte, Tim Casswell, Nadia McLaren and Tony Judge: (0.6mb)
  • Facilitative Environments for Personal Development: Papers from a postal symposium organised by Mankind 2000 (1975) (8mb)
    • Development and innovation in a new era, by Fred J H Blum
    • Human adaptation in a programmed environment, by Robert Cancro
    • Anthropopolis; city for human development, by Constantinos A Doxiadis
    • The process of re-creation; the health of the "I" and the "Us", by Leonard J Duhl
    • The evolution of consciousness and the transformation of society, by Duane Elgin
    • Ou va !'architecture? by Yona Friedman
    • Facilitative environments for personal development, by Georges Gueron
    • Jung and Marx; alchemy, Christianity and the enjoyment of wealth, by David Holt
    • Transnational network of research and/service communities; a proposal for an organizational hybrid, by Anthony Judge (PHP version)
    • Love is our shared meaning, by Reverend W Kirkpatrick
    • Politics and social objectives, by John Papworth
    • Ecology of human development as a continuing process, by Gopal S Puri
    • Appendix I: Man and His Environment: Design for Living
    • Appendix II: The Universal Declaration of the Rights of Human Organization; an experimental extension of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (PHP version)
  • Description of a conference to be organized (Paris, June 1975) by Société Internationale des Conseillers de Synthèse under the auspices of Mankind 2000 :
  • The Only Thing We Have: a framework for environmental policies by Christian de Laet

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