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Laetus in Praesens

Research on Transdisciplinarity: Knowledge Representation and Conceptual Integration

by Anthony Judge

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Conceptual integration

The challenge for the international community to provide some form of conceptual integration across disciplinary and cultural boundaries has resulted in a continuing series of studies on integrative approaches, interdisciplinarity and configurations of insights.

  • Patterns of Conceptual Integration (1984)
  • A 5-fold Pattern Language (1984)
  • Liberation of integration: pattern, oscillation, harmony and embodiment (1984)
  • Integrative Dimensions of Concept Sets: transformation with minimal distortion between implicitness and explicitness of set representations according to constraints on communicability (1981)
  • Presentation of GPID Integration Through Functional Classification of International Organizations (1980)
  • Concept Factors in Concept Scheme Integration: GPIO as a case study (1980)
  • Notes on Vector Equilibrium (1980)
  • Patterns of N-foldness: comparison of integrated multi-set concept schemes as forms of presentation (1980)
  • Representation, Comprehension and Communication of Sets: the role of number (1980)
  • Integrative Dimensions of Concept Sets: transformations with minimal distortion between implicitness and explicitness of set representation according to constraints on communicability (1980)

  • Visualization and Presentation of information

    In the light of the increasing need to communicate more complex and dynamic insights, studies continue to be made of ways of presenting information in a more comprehensible manner. These investigations are currently extending into the use of network maps and metaphors and patterns.

    Information systems

    Because of the intimate relationships between organizational networks and the information systems which they develop or on which they depend, a number of studies have been made of the problems associated with emerging information systems and their implications for organizations.

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