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19 February 2012 | Draft

Visualization Experiments via the Laetus Site

Page not maintained, but serves as one indication of topic clustering (with others of this type)
Clarification of the variety of formats and access possibilities for all documents is provided separately,
including current indication of thematic organizations by topic/subject and visualization

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Access to images on the Laetus site
Experimental visualization of networks
PPT presentations (with images)

Access to images on the Laetus site

As part of its indexing process, Google offers access to images on the Laetus site. The search results indicate the web documents in which the images are located. The search queries can be modified after any of the search results below are presented by Google. In inserting the images into web documents, systematic use has not been made of labelling options in the source code (use of "alt" to specify the image title for search engines). This means that the Google indexing algorithm may make assumptions from the title otherwise indicated in a table, or possibly from the title of the document as a whole.

Use of the Google image facility offers the following possibilities (but with no guarantee regarding the ability of Google to interpret the queries unambiguously):

Note that images on the associated website (relevant for the period 1990-1999) are not included in search results from the Laetus site. Results from that site for that decade are therefore used instead of those from the Laetus site. Also searches by decade do not include items in "generic" folders:

Experimental visualization of networks

A variety of experiments have been conducted in the past through the Union of Intelligible Associations as a strategic initiative to visualize world problems, international organizations, global strategies and human values (as noted separately). These are partly illustrated by the following:

PPT presentations (with images)

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