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Varieties of Dialogue by Number

Experimental overview by number of perspectives represented

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Left hand column in table below indicates number of perspectives in a meeting. For example a 6-log is a "dialogue" involving presentation of six perspectives (possibly by six persons) acting as a single system or pattern. Clicking there (left-most column) will give a very tentative explanation of the nature of such a dialogue. In this particular example, other columns for the 6-log row then indicate different ways in which a six person interaction might be composed by sub-systems or sub-patterns. For example the 6-log might effectively be two 3-perspective exchanges  (2x3-log), or three 2-perspective exchanges (3x2-log), or six 1-perspective exchanges (6x1-log). This table does not cover the additive cases where a 6 person presentation might, for example, be  made up of a 2-perspective interaction and a 4-perspective interaction. The notion of "patterns of conversation" as an N-logue is derived from Anthony Blake (N-logue: patterns of dialogue according to number). See also Varieties of Dialogue Arenas and Styles, 1992.

Varieties of Dialogue by Number
1x 2x 3x 4x 5x 6x 7x 8x 9x
2-log 2x(1-log)              
3-log   3x(l-log)            
4-log 2x(2-log)   4x(l-log)          
5-log       5x(1-log)        
6-log 2x(3-log) 3x(2-log)     6x(1-log)      
7-log           7x(1-log)    
8-log 2x(4-log)   4x(2-log)       8x(1-log)
9-log   3x(3-log)           9x(1-log)
10-log 2x(5-log)     5x(2-log)        
12-log 2x(6-log) 3x(4-log) 4x(3-log)   6x(2-log)      
14-log 2x(7-log)         7x(2-log)    
15-log   3x(5-log)   5x(3-log)        
16-log 2x(8-log)   4x(4-log)       8x(2-log)  
18-log 2x(9-log) 3x(6-log)     6x(3-log)     9x(2-log)
20-log 2x(10-log)   4x(5-log) 5x(4-log)        
21-log   3x(7-log)       7x(3-log)    

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