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Single Documents in PDF Format

Items are listed alphabetically within year (and within month for the most recent).
An indication of the size of accessible documents is given in kilobytes (eg 42k) -- meaning 42,000 characters.
Where a document has active weblinks to other documents, this may be given as (42k, 15w) -- meaning 15 weblinks

Where a PHP version of the document exists, a direct link may be appended to the title listed below
Shorter documents may be parts of others, in-process, (irresponsible) musings, or incomplete
All items may also be separately clustered by some 50 themes
Clarification of the variety of formats and access possibilities is provided separately,
including indication of thematic organizations by topic/subject

Provides access to those documents:

In the case of PDF documents listed here, which are in fact collections of documents, the details of their contents (and the individual PDF documents of which they are composed (as well as any PHP equivalents) are best accessed through the separate page Collections of Documents in PDF Format. In such cases (marked (Collection]), links to the equivalent document there are provided below. Accessing specific sections within a document collection may be preferable given the size of some collections. (NB: Documents continue to be added to these pages as scanning is completed].

There is also a separate index of documents on Information / Research Activities for Civil Society, namely early reports on initiatives within the Union of International Associations in PDF (and PHP) format.

An indication of the size of accessible PDF documents is given in megabytes (eg 5.0mb). Where links are also provided to a compact searchable format ("PHP version"), consider accessing these first (such non-PDF documents may also be accessible through the themes pull-down menu above and in the following chronological checklists).

Check the Non-PDF documents for years: 2020+ | 2010-19 | 2000-09 | 1990-99 | 1980-89 | 1970-79 | 1962-69 | ALL years.
Note that links are only selectively provided to those Non-PDF documents in the following -- where PHP is appended

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