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30 September 2013 | Uncompleted draft

Clues to Comprehension through Wave Language

Evoking Homo undulans

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The argument for framing experience as a "waveform" is developed separately (Being a Waveform of Potential as an Experiential Choice: emergent dynamic qualities of identity and integrity, 2013). That argument is developed further in a second part (Encountering Otherness as a Waveform: in the light of a wave theory of being, 2013).


The question here is the nature of the clues to enable mapping into wave language and its comprehension:

  1. fluctuation star roll star sway star waviness star
  2. undulation exercises promoted as an innate healing resource of your body. Here's how to use this website to experience more joy in your body and your life.
  3. Snake locomotion: Snakes use at least five unique modes of terrestrial locomotion (simple undulation, lateral undulation, sidewinding, concertina, rectilinear, slidepushing). The kind of locomotion a snake uses in any particular instance depends on several factors such as the kind of surface it is crawling on and its speed. In fact, an individual snake can use most or all of the five modes, and can even use two modes in different parts of the body. Below are descriptions of the various modes of snake locomotion and a brief bibliography. (Brad Moon, Selected References on Snake Locomotion, 2001)
  4. Reading circuit boards
  5. Orchestra conductor
  6. Types of wave
  7. Look
  8. Sacred music -- soaring
  9. Chant -- Round
  10. Undulating bottoms / breasts
  11. Gesture of greeting or farewell -- sadness
  12. Waves of support, approval, condmenation
  13. Born as a consequence of the undulation of intercourse, through waves of labour pain, possibly to die in waves of pain
  14. In Egyptian belly dancing (see video), an undulation is a common movement that starts with a chest circle and ends with engaging the abs to push the lower back backwards. Learn about the pieces of an undulation with help from a professional Middle Eastern dancer in this free video on Egyptian belly dancing.
  15. Undulations of the land resembled in some places the waves of the sea.
  16. Tracks which have undulations or are uphill suit his style.
  17. Undulations in the ground surface mark the location of the earlier church.
  18. The gentle undulations of capability brown's landscape lie beyond.
  19. The probe is optimized for amplitude and bandwidth, in order to present small scale surface undulations of a high spatial frequency to users.
  20. Undulations of the small dorsal fin.
  21. The barge docked with a rusty clanging noise that caused an undulation in the tarpaulin covering the deck.
  22. Undulations in the ground will often leave ordinary rollers hanging in mid air, achieving nothing.
  23. Yes, we're talking at least minor undulations here.
  24. Try to make your breast feel like your fly by using body undulation as in ( 12 ).
  25. Undulations of the melody ( a " holy noise " ?
  26. The hats brims are then ironed to even out the weave and remove any small undulations in the straw.
  27. Undulations in the landscape.
  28. Changes in topography tend to be only small undulations.
  29. Small imperfections disappear, and even higher frequency undulations seem not to disturb it at all.
  30. The round course contains significant undulations and there is quite a change in gradient up the straight.
  31. Undulation in the road.
  32. This complements the natural undulations of the stone, in a way, producing a controlled form of man-made erosion.
  33. It is a 10 mile course with a few undulations.
  34. This fills all the holes and slight undulations and gives a pleasing finish to the render.

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