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Pattern: Encirclement

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Part of a 5-fold Pattern Language.
Subsequently published in Encyclopedia of World Problems and Human Potential (1986)

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Fundamental boundary relationships defining an area's relationship to the pattern within which it is embedded are desirable in order to maintain the integrity of that area.

Physical High speed ring roads are a necessity which helps to define and generate local transport areas. Care must be taken, however, to insure that the building and placement of the ring roads do not cause extensive damage to communities or the countryside.

Social High intensity communication pathways are needed whereby an organizational complex deflects such communication around its boundary, thus protecting itself from the disruption that irrelevant communication may cause to the collective life of those involved.

Conceptual A clearly defined pattern of concepts is required around a conceptual domain in order to channel away concepts irrelevant to that domain and disruptive of its preoccupations.

Psychic It is necessary for a person to establish a psychic boundary to unconsciously redirect incoming perceptions which are of no immediate relevance and which would therefore unduly disrupt personal equilibrium.

Broader Sub-domain boundary; Local interrelationship domains; Web of general interrelationships; Interpretation of complementary modes of organization.

Narrower Interchange; Relationship to indeterminacy; Compensating relationships in parallel; Chain of fundamental transformation zones; Concealment of necessary monotonous perspective patterns.

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